Yfantourgeio: TheWorkplace

Lefkonos, Nicosia, Cyprus

Walk into Yfantourgeio TheWorkplace and you’ll immediately notice that it feels different from any other place you have visited before. The smell of fresh coffee in the air and a mix of deep focus at private desks and engaging conversations at large shared tables. This is the culture of the coworking space. The Workplace offers a suite of office-like amenities such as hot-desks, a private meeting room, snacks, coffees and more. Most importantly it offers a community. Occupants typically are freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small teams who want to take advantage of the flexible space

General Info/Accessibility

Who can use the co-working space?: Freelancers, Businesses, Would-be entrepreneurs

How many available workstations does the co-working space have?: more than 20

Is the co-working space near: Bus station

Is car-parking stations near the co-working space?: No

Is the co-working space accessible by disabled people?: Yes

Does the co-working space offer 24/7 access to its premises & facilities?: No

What is the pricing model of the co-working space?: Monthly fee, Daily rate fee, Hourly rate fee

Offered Facilities/Amenities/Services

Hot desks (non-dedicated desks): Yes

Dedicated desks: Yes

Private offices: Yes

Meeting rooms: Yes

Classrooms: No

Event spaces: Yes

Teleconferencing rooms / equipment: No

High speed internet: Yes

Lounge areas: No

Kitchen: No

Lockers: Yes

Printing and scanning facilities: Yes

Personal Computers: No

Monitors: No

Professional mailing address: Yes

Switchboard / Phone answering service: No

IT support service: No

Legal services: No

Post box: No

Controlled access: No

Fire security system: No


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+357 99 409900