The workspace-matching digital tool is a pilot initiative developed within the frame of YOUTHShare project aiming at facilitating the identification of suitable and available co-working spaces in all of the project countries, i.e. Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Spain.

Co-working spaces are valuable means for supporting businesses, facilitating growth and fostering business networking. They are suitable for both self-employed and business groups seeking a dedicated environment for work and collaboration. These spaces enable enhanced productivity and substantial cost reductions.

The tool does not require prior registration of its main users, i.e. would-be and existing entrepreneurs, who want to find a suitable for them workspace either in their countries or abroad based on a series of search criteria.  

The workspaces data’ are collected by responsible persons from the project partners in each of the participating countries in YOUTHShare project.

Interested workspaces’ representative who wish to be registered in the tool should use the contact form and a responsible person from YOUTHShare project will contact them as soon as possible.

The same contact form could also be used by any existing or would-be entrepreneur or business team who require any type of help in relation to the identification and contact with available workspaces in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Spain.