Synedrio Coworking 87100

Piazza Bilotti 4, 87100 Cosenza

Synedrio is the ideal place for those seeking a stress-free working environment designed to maximise productivity and convenience. From Monday to Friday, Synedrio is open and ready to accommodate during business hours. Our flexibility allows you to book only the days you need it, eliminating the need for expensive long-term rentals. Forget financial worries and focus your attention on your work. Our desks are equipped with electrical sockets, making connecting your device a breeze. We eliminate bureaucracy and simplify the booking process, allowing you to start working without losing precious time. Your productivity is at the heart of everything we do. Synedrio is more than just a coworking space. We offer a variety of environments to suit your specific needs. If you need tranquillity, you will find quiet areas dedicated to concentration. If you prefer collaboration and socialising, our meeting spaces are perfect for meeting other professionals. We have paid special attention to the design and furnishing of Synedrio to create an inspiring and comfortable environment. Leave all distractions at home and immerse yourself in a place that will inspire you to reach your full professional potential. In summary, Synedrio is the perfect solution for those looking for a carefree, productivity-oriented coworking space. Choose Synedrio and unleash your work potential. Don’t waste time with unnecessary expenses and complicated contracts. Join Synedrio and transform the way you work. We are waiting to help you reach your professional goals.

General Info/Accessibility

Who can use the co-working space?: Freelancers, Businesses, Would-be entrepreneurs

How many available workstations does the co-working space have?: more than 20

Is the co-working space near: Bus station

Is car-parking stations near the co-working space?: Yes

Is the co-working space accessible by disabled people?: No

Does the co-working space offer 24/7 access to its premises & facilities?: No

What is the pricing model of the co-working space?: Monthly fee, Daily rate fee

Offered Facilities/Amenities/Services

Hot desks (non-dedicated desks): Yes

Dedicated desks: Yes

Private offices: Yes

Meeting rooms: Yes

Classrooms: Yes

Event spaces: Yes

Teleconferencing rooms / equipment: Yes

High speed internet: Yes

Lounge areas: Yes

Kitchen: Yes

Lockers: Yes

Printing and scanning facilities: Yes

Personal Computers: No

Monitors: Yes

Professional mailing address: No

Switchboard / Phone answering service: No

IT support service: Yes

Legal services: Yes

Counselling services: Yes

Post box: Yes

Controlled access: Yes

Fire security system: Yes


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+39 3409054400