Stone Soup

Charilaou Trikoupi 18, Athens, Greece

Our vision at Stone Soup is to create a functional and friendly environment that combines the urban aesthetics of Athens with the multicultural identity of our members. We seek to be more than just a coworking space, we want to be a space that promotes community, collaboration and participation. We provide well-equipped facilities, including flexible workstations, private offices, meeting rooms, lounge space, kitchen and an impressive rooftop terrace with views of the entire Athens skyline. In addition, we organize events to support our community and promote their work. Stone Soup’s philosophy is to spread the idea of collaboration and community by supporting the professionals and teams who choose to work in our space. Through this social impact, we define our identity and foster a culture of collaboration and creativity, leading to the development of innovative projects for the wider community.

General Info/Accessibility

Who can use the co-working space?: Freelancers, Businesses, Would-be entrepreneurs

How many available workstations does the co-working space have?: 1-5

Is the co-working space near: Metro station, Bus station

Is car-parking stations near the co-working space?: Yes

Is the co-working space accessible by disabled people?: No

Does the co-working space offer 24/7 access to its premises & facilities?: Yes

What is the pricing model of the co-working space?: Monthly fee, Daily rate fee

Offered Facilities/Amenities/Services

Hot desks (non-dedicated desks): Yes

Dedicated desks: Yes

Private offices: Yes

Meeting rooms: Yes

Classrooms: No

Event spaces: Yes

Teleconferencing rooms / equipment: Yes

High speed internet: Yes

Lounge areas: Yes

Kitchen: Yes

Lockers: Yes

Printing and scanning facilities: No

Personal Computers: No

Monitors: Yes

Professional mailing address: Yes

Switchboard / Phone answering service: No

IT support service: Yes

Legal services: Yes

Counselling services: Yes

Post box: No

Controlled access: Yes

Fire security system: Yes


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+30 6978779787