OFFICE CLUB offers a professional environment in 3 spots in Thessaloniki, tailored to the needs of freelancers or business entities, with many affordable solutions that will assist them in developing and expanding their activities. It concerns all kind of professionals in the service sector (engineers, architects, lawyers, brokers, consultants, etc.) who are seeking an elegant and flexible in terms of space, time and cost environment in the East part of Thessaloniki, where they could work undistracted and could also welcome their partners and customers. Furthermore, they can be in continuous interaction with same or other professionals that also use the premises.
OFFICE CLUB is also addressed to small and large companies that wish to make use of its fully furnished and equipped facilities for professional meetings, presentations and seminars.
All the above, are tailored to hosted companies’ and would be entrepreneurs’ needs, without being bound by long term and costly rental contracts, avoiding at the same time installation, maintenance and other costs.

General Info/Accessibility

Who can use the co-working space?: Freelancers, Businesses, Would-be entrepreneurs

How many available workstations does the co-working space have?: 6-10

Is the co-working space near: Bus station

Is car-parking stations near the co-working space?: Yes

Is the co-working space accessible by disabled people?: Yes

Does the co-working space offer 24/7 access to its premises & facilities?: Yes

What is the pricing model of the co-working space?: Monthly fee, Daily rate fee

Offered Facilities/Amenities/Services

Hot desks (non-dedicated desks): Yes

Dedicated desks: Yes

Private offices: Yes

Meeting rooms: Yes

Classrooms: No

Event spaces: No

Teleconferencing rooms / equipment: Yes

High speed internet: Yes

Lounge areas: Yes

Kitchen: Yes

Lockers: No

Printing and scanning facilities: Yes

Personal Computers: No

Monitors: No

Professional mailing address: Yes

Switchboard / Phone answering service: No

IT support service: Yes

Legal services: No

Counselling services: No

Post box: No

Controlled access: No

Fire security system: No


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